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Our Prices

Self Pay Pain Assessment/ Procedures


Initial or New appointment (1/2 hour): 200.00 pounds 

Follow Up: 135.00 pounds

Injection: please call us for a quote as it varies where you have the injection. The injection therapy includes consultant fees and the hospital fees for the procedure only. You will have to pay the consultant fees for assessment on top of the fees below. The price quoted is for the procedure performed at DRG Health Clinic only. Prices for injections performed at other private hospitals could be considerably higher due to higher private hospital fees.

Trigger Point injection*: £250.00

Occipital Nerve block*: £375.00 

Joint Injections (knee or Shoulder): £250.00 Only if had injections before

Nerve blocks under Ultrasound: from £775.00

Platelet Rich Plasma: varies between £500- 1250.00 (ultrasound or X ray guided)

Headaches and migraines

Botox for Pain*: from £500.00.

Facet /sacroiliac Joints or Epidural or Nerve root injections Transforaminal epidural*: 1350-1550 pounds. This procedure is performed under X ray control, this includes a follow up appointment.

Radio frequency Ablation*

Please ask as this involves 2 procedures one diagnostic and then ablation. This procedure is performed under X ray control. Diagnostic injection costs around £995-1450.00 pounds and Ablation costs around 1850-2450.00 pounds, this includes a follow up appointment.

Intravenous Lignocaine Infusion for Fibromyalgia*: £895.00. Please note Patient may have to get an ECG and Bloods done prior to the procedure. This can be done in the clinic. 

*Initial Assessment is a must to discuss the procedure. The consultation fee is not included in the injection price. 

** Investigations or MRI scans or Follow up appointments are not included in the above prices unless stated.

*** Clinic is recognized by some medical insurance companies for consultations and Injections, please get the authorization first from your insurance, as you will be liable for payments. 

Medicolegal Pain Assessments

Initial Pain Assessment (up to an hour): £350.00 

Follow Up: £225.00

Registered with Health Insurance Company

The prices are dictated by the insurance company. You will have to contact your insurance to see if they fund the appointment. it is your responsibility. we will ask for the authorisation number before we can assess you. if your company don't pay we will send you the invoice and you will be liable for the payments. We are currently approved by BUPA, Vitality Health, Aviva, CIGNA, WPA and Healix.


You will be reviewed by the GP after your results to discuss it with you. This will be charged as follow up appointment. We politely request payments to paid before seen by the GP 

If you take more than booked with your GP please note you will be charged for the additional time.


Three packages


Option A


Yearly annual subscription- this includes registration, full review with yearly blood tests, breathing tests, urine tests, stool and ECG. 

Regular check-up on monthly basis if required . 

Filling of medical or insurance forms, employment checks. 

Vaccinations (vaccine to be bought by the patient), 

preferential rates on acupuncture or pain injections.


Costs: please enquire


Option B

Yearly MOT: Registration, full annual review this includes registration, full review with yearly blood tests, breathing tests, urine tests, stool and ECG. 

Height, weight, BMI assessment and lifestyle advice

Option to see the GP on an as needed basis.



Costs: £495.00

Appointments  on an as required basis after the MOT: £85.00 per half hour


Option C 


If you are fit and active, we can offer you registration with a private GP who is familiar with your medical history on an as needed basis.


Initial registration will cost £65.00, and this will enable us to take current medical history and also obtain a past medical history from your NHS GP. Registration then costs £45 pa to maintain and includes a health check up appointment with our practice nurse.

You will then be able to access a GP on an as needed basis at a cost of £85, blood and other tests will be charged as extra.


Blood tests and various other tests will be charged as extra.


Please note you will still need to keep your registration with your NHS GP/need to utilise A&E for emergencies for any of the packages.


Please note your GP appointment may not be covered by your insurance company. Please get the authorisation number before booking the appointment. Please note as a private GP we will only be able to offer private referrals and investigations. 

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