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Ear Cleaning/ Microsuction Service

Do you suffer from Earwax trouble? We can help

Ear wax is normal protective layer of the ear canal. It helps to moisturise the ear canal and it also has anti infection properties. Its consistency, and colour can vary. If it is produced in excess and blocks the canal then can disrupt proper hearing. The safest and easiest way to get rid of excess or stubborn earwax is to see a Health Care professional. Syringing may not help.

The service at DRG Health Clinic is led by Consultant ENT Surgeon and delivered by our Nurse Mrs Debbie Lee, who has been trained in the micro suction of ears.

You may need Micro-suction of ears, suitable for

1) Before hearing aids

2) Before Hearing tests

3) Regular or prone to wax problem


Nurse Triage: £25.00

Starting from £45.00

Consultant ENT: from 125.00

ear cleaning.jpg

It may take more than one sitting to remove your wax.


Please speak to us if you are experiencing the following symptoms

  1. Covid 19 symptoms

  2. Anybody self isolating at home or contacted by NHS test and trace.

  3. Recent travel history

  4. Infection

  5. If you are not sure if you have wax in your ears please have a triage check.

  6. Same day service sometimes available

Booking times: 

Monday - Friday 9am to 3pm, some Saturdays 9am to 1pm

If you specifically want to see a consultant ENT Surgeon for your ears please contact us.

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