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Pain Management



Pain affects everyone at some point. Some people are able to cope with symptoms and others needs help. The access to pain relief therapies are ever reducing. At DRG Health Clinic, an independent provider of Pain management/ treatments, aims to offer treatment modalities which you are looking for. 

Why are we Different?

  • We will listen to your concerns and clearly explain your condition to you.

  • We will give you a clear pain management pathway.

  • We will work with you to help you feel better.

  • We will keep the cost of treatment as low as possible, using ​our experience and innovative methods.


What is chronic pain?

Chronic Pain is a long term pain condition consequence from a range of medical problems. It doesn't just affect the individual but also the people around them.

Acute pain protects us by giving a warning that something is wrong. However Chronic pain serves no useful purpose. It impacts sleep, mood, mobility and enjoyment of family and social life, thereby reducing quality of life.

Whilst there are no cures yet for many chronic pain conditions, it is possible to reduce the intensity and impact of pain suffered. In line with the current best medical practice and personal experience, we aim to manage Chronic pain with a 'bio-psycho-social' approach. This acknowledges that social and psychological factors can play a significant role in the development and the impact of Chronic pain.

Medico-legal Assessments

We perform Pain Management assessments for medico-legal patients.

We give various injection which includes trigger point injection, nerve blocks, facet joint injection, nerve root block, sacroiliac joint injection, medical branch block and radio frequency ablation, botox for pain relief.

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