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Chronic Migraine

What is migraine?

Migraine is a complex medical condition which presents with a wide variety of symptoms. The symptoms vary from person to person. Even same individual may have different symptoms during different attacks. Your attacks may differ in length and frequency. most people are free from symptoms between attacks. Migraine can have an enormous impact on quality of life.

Chronic migraine is defined as migraine for more than 3 months of at least 15 days of headache a month, of which at least 8 days have migraines features, such as nausea, light or noise sensitivity, pulsating or lateralised pain.

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What causes migraine?

The exact cause of migraines is not known, although they're thought to be the result of temporary changes in the chemicals, nerves and blood vessels in the brain.

If you are susceptible to migraine there are certain triggers which commonly occur. These include stress, lack of food, alcohol, hormonal changes in women, lack of sleep and the environment.

Please see for further information.


There are various treatments for migraines

  1. Medications

  2. Understanding about the condition helps coping with the pain better.

  3. Non-pharmacological methods like acupuncture

  4. BOTOX®

  5. Greater Occipital Nerve block

  6. Nerve Stimulators

At DRG Health Clinic

We offer for Headaches/ Migraines

  1. Acupuncture

  2. Occipital Nerve blocks using local anaesthetic and steroid

  3. Use of Botulinum toxin (BOTOX®)


If you are coming to visit for Botulinum Toxin treatment, please make sure you have had been referred to a head clinic, GP specialised in Headaches or a neurologist. You have had MRI scans of your brain and diagnosis made.


DRG Health Clinic only give this treatment and will not investigate for the cause of headache.


Patient Leaflet for Botulinum Toxin (Botox ®) 

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