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GP Services

Good news!!

Our General Practice services are open for registration.

Please email us on or call us on 01302365120

Our GP services started on 5th Feb 2021 on private basis which that you  means you can pay privately to be seen by a GP.


You will be seen by an experienced GP, who will listen to you and your concerns and will give adequate time to your needs. They will advise you. You can access the GP services as one off or on regular basis to suit you.

Please visit for further information.










Do you work for NHS, are the services free of costs?


No, we are private GP service. That means you will have to pay to be seen by a GP. Although we believe that NHS services are best suited. However, there are times when you want to access a doctor sooner.


We complement the existing GP services. It is good practice to inform your own NHS GP with the results and consultations. We will not normally inform your GP until there is a clinical or public health need. If, you do not want us to inform, please let us know immediately. 



Can you do Blood tests/ Medication Prescription?


Yes, we can prescribe and order standard and specialised blood tests.

You will need to have an appointment with our GP and be registered to our clinic before blood tests or prescription can be given if you are suitable. You are required to have a follow-up appointment after a blood test and prescription with the GP to discuss further plan. Blood tests are chargeable and your prescription will be a private prescription.



Can you refer me to NHS Specialists or consultants?

No, we cannot refer you to NHS service. You will have to referred by your NHS GPs. However, we can refer to Private consultants/ specialists if you prefer. 



I cannot access my local GP or I am a Private overseas patient?

If you feel you cannot access a GP or are from overseas and have not registered with GP. We may be able to help you.


Is GP services covered by my insurance?

It is unlikely that this service will be covered by health insurance, although it is always advisable to check. We will invoice you and you can claim back from your insurance.


Give us a call or email us and we will be in touch


Attending your appointment


Please try to attend 20 mins prior to your appointment to allow sometime to fill in new patient questionnaire

You will be able to come to the front of the clinic

Disabled parking available on first come first basis right in front of the clinic.




1)    Consultations, treatment, and management of health conditions

2)    Private prescriptions (Control Drugs will not be prescribed)

3)    Standard and specialised blood tests

4)    Urine testing, height, weight, BMI assessment and lifestyle advice

5)    X-ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning referral

6)    Onward referral to specialist

7)    In depth discussion and understanding of current health concerns

8)    Sexual health concerns

9)    Medical examinations – pre-employment, driving, insurance.

10) HGV and Taxi Medicals

11) Family planning and contraceptive advice

12) Private smears

13) Travel Vaccinations

Our services are based on the following packages


Option A

if you are fit and active, we can offer you registration with a private GP who is familiar with your medical history as and when you need to.

Initial registration will cost £65.00, and this will enable us to take current medical history and also obtain a past medical history from your NHS GP. Registration then costs £45.00 pa to maintain and includes an appointment with our Nurse/Health Care Assistant.

GP appointments will be charged at £85.00 per visit.


Option B

Yearly MOT: Registration, full annual review this includes registration, full review with yearly routine blood tests, breathing tests, urine tests, and ECG. This includes first follow-up.

Height, weight, BMI assessment and lifestyle advice

Option to see the GP when you need to.


Costs: £495.00

Further visits/ follow-ups: £85.00 per half hour as required after registration


Option C 


Yearly annual subscription- this includes registration, full review with yearly routine blood tests, breathing tests, urine tests, stool and ECG. 

Regular check-up on monthly basis if required . 

Filling of medical or insurance forms, employment checks. 

Vaccinations (vaccine to be bought by the patient), 

preferential rates on our pain services.


Costs: please enquire


Please note you will still need to keep your registration with your NHS GP/need to utilise A&E for emergencies for any of the packages.



One stop shop

for private GP consultations, Testing, referrals, medicals, advise and support.

Face to Face Appointments
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