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We are taking appropriate  precautions against COVID 19.
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Pain Management and spinal service

We bring together different professionals who can help you with chronic pain. 

GP Services 

Our GP services have started.

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! 

Aural/ Ear Care

This service is led by a ENT Surgeon, delivered by a specialist aural nurse. 


We perform Pain Management assessments for medico-legal patients.

We give various injection which includes trigger point injection, nerve blocks, facet joint injection, nerve root block, sacroiliac joint injection, medical branch block and radio frequency ablation, botox for pain relief.

Taking care of your health

We offer consultant led and delivered services for pain management, spine pain, GP services and Aural care. 

We are the only pain management clinic led and delivered by 3 pain consultants. We offer nearly all pain treatments available.

We have a number of different specialists available, from consultants to health care professionals.

Opening Hours

Mon: 9am-2pm
Tues - Fri: 9am - 4pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm

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