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Dr Deepak Malik

Consultant in Pain Management​

DFPMRCA (London), MRCA, FCARCSI (Dublin), EDRA (E.U.), Dip. Anaesth., MBBS

Dr Malik has experience in holistic Chronic Pain management with multidisciplinary team approach to improve patient functionality and well-being along with pain control. He has special interest in treating spinal pain and ultrasound guided pain intervention procedures. 

He is trained in chronic pain and anaesthetics. He has completed his training in Middlesbrough, Sheffield, Leicester, Surrey and Delhi (India). 

Dr Malik sees patients privately and offers:
•    Assessment and management of Chronic Back and neck pain including Lumbar, Sacroiliac joint pain, Cervical pain
•    Assessment and management of neuropathic pain
•    Assessment and management of joint pain
•    Pain relief options
•    Pain management 
•    Lumbar spine disorders 
•    Osteoarthritis 
•    Rheumatoid arthritis 
•    Sports injury 
•    Complex regional pain syndrome
•    Cervical spondylolysis
•    Spondylolisthesis
•    Coccyx pain
•    Post hernia surgery pain
•    Fibromyalgia
•    Multidisciplinary chronic pain management 
•    Interventional pain management including radiofrequency 
•    Ultrasound guided pain interventions

His other interests include Neuromodulation, education and examining medical students.

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